Welcome!  We are Lisa Treanor and Shannon Crozier and together we are the creators of The Schooled Parent.

We are sisters (in law) and have a combined passion to provide opportunities, resources and creative ideas for parents to partner with schools in the education of our children.

Research identifies family involvement in schooling as a key predictor of a student’s success and enjoyment of school. The Schooled Parent exists to help educate you as a parent on the many ways you can be proactively involved in your child’s education.

As a side note, as you read our posts and spend time at ‘The Schooled Parent’ we want you to know the word ‘parent’ includes any parent, guardian, carer or person involved in the care, nurture and development of a child.

Meet The Team

Lisa Treanor

The Schooled Parent was inspired and instigated by a spontaneous brainstorming session (on a family holiday to NZ) with my incredible husband. I am a wife to a clever teacher and a blessed mummy of two little people, C (an energetic, hilarious and very fun two year old) and M (a nine-month-old who smiles like you are the best thing he has ever seen). I am currently on leave from my position working in administration to spend time being a Mum and also focus my energy on everything involved in running The Schooled Parent.  I oversee the look and feel of The Schooled Parent’s online content as well as networking with fellow bloggers, creating resources and researching relevant content ideas.


Shannon Crozier

Shannon is the lead writer for The Schooled Parent and writes regular posts relevant to the education, schooling, and development of primary school children.  Shannon has been a teacher for 13 years, has a psychology degree and has also achieved her Masters of Education (majoring in Guidance and Counselling).  Above all, Shannon is the mother of a gorgeous, redheaded four-year-old and is currently awaiting the birth of her second child.