Craft Subscription Boxes – Crafts For Kids

Craft Subscription Boxes – Crafts For Kids

I am one week away from having a baby.  Of course, I am super calm, looking forward to it, the house is clean, ready to go….and I might be fibbing slightly too.

This is my second pregnancy and has been harder than the first.  I was sick with our first child for 17-20 weeks and lost about 8kg from morning sickness.  It was horrible, to say the least.

This time topped that. This time I was sick for close to 27 weeks and then still even now have the occasional ‘sickness moment’ even up to 38 weeks.  Fun times.

This is the embarrassing part of the story.  I am quite a loud ‘sick’ person if you get my drift and one day amidst the joys of early pregnancy I received a text message from my neighbour.  She is gorgeous and politely asked me if I was pregnant.

I was horrified. Horrified only because I knew, in that moment, that she had heard me being sick all the way from our bathroom to her house.  Oh my goodness!  I admitted that yes I am and apologised profusely.  Oh dear.

Guess what happened next? She arrived at my house with a craft box for our four-year-old to “keep him busy because I have been so sick”. Don’t you love when good people make good things happen?

Subscription Boxes for Kids – What are they?

It wasn’t any old craft box either.  It was a Castle and Kite Craft box.  Heard of them?  Well if you have you will know how fab they are and if you haven’t – then listen up.

Castle and Kite is the creative genius of mothers Alana and Liss who aim to provide educational and meaningful toys that encourage playtime and imagination.  In addition, they have created these incredible craft boxes that allow craft for kids to be easy, manageable and meaningful.

We were lucky enough to receive the ‘Under the Sea’ Craft Box and then when I looked on the website I noticed that there was also so much more available.  The Craft Box we received had INCLUDED every single thing you needed and was full of arts and craft activities for kids.  It is so well organised and seriously ready to go! Castle and Kite also have three monthly subscription boxes with a variety of easy crafts for kids as well as theme boxes (think dinosaurs, mini beasts, space) that can be purchased as a one-off.

We at The Schooled Parent love these ideas. Castle and Kite also have educational packs available, as well as story stones (such a fun way to tell stories) and resources for children to learn to write letters, numbers and their names. It really is right up our alley when we are so passionate about the significant partnership between play and learning for those early childhood years. Read here about how passionate we are about encouraging play and creativity.

Our four-year-old loves his Castle and Kite Craft box and is often something he will grab out when it is a rainy day or his poor pregnant Mama is just too tired to go to the local skate-park again.

Craft Subscription Boxes - Craft for kids

We seriously encourage you to check Castle and Kite out as they have the best subscription boxes.  The best ideas come from those living the reality of being home with small children and being passionate about the importance of learning and play from a very young age.

Castle and Kite’s resources are great as gift ideas (how awesome to give gift subscription boxes as a birthday present), fantastic for preparing your little one for school and kindergarten and my goodness – I HIGHLY recommend them when you have severe morning sickness and need to entertain a small person!


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