Fun Learning Activities For Preschoolers

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Learning Without Worksheets

You know that saying – “Children minds are like sponges, they soak up the information and they are always hungry for more.”  Well, it is so true! Children do learn a lot, which makes them ideal students. While worksheets are great for teaching kids letters and numbers, kids sometimes just want to have fun! That’s where these fun learning activities come in handy. All of them are easy to set up and teach your kids important skills while having fun.

I put these activities together when I taught preschool. Children in my classroom loved every one of them and I hope your children will enjoy them too. You can go ahead and tweak the activities depending on your child’s level as well. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go play and learn!

Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Chalk Letters

Buy colourful chalk and take the learning outside! You can write capital letters on the sidewalk and encourage your little one to write the lowercase letters next to it. If you are not that advanced yet, write the letters and, together with your child, draw pictures next to it! You can draw apples next to the letter Aa, or bananas next to the letter Bb. You can also ask your child to guess what letter you’re writing and to think of a picture that starts with that letter.

Chalk laying on the ground

Alphabet Maze

Write uppercase and lowercase letters on the paper and connect them with lines. Let your child follow the line from one letter to another to find a matching letter. This is great for practising uppercase and lowercase recognition! Once your child knows the alphabet, you can change it up and practice beginning letter sounds. Connect the letter with the correct picture. For example Gg – Ghost, Bb – Banana, Oo – Octopus. Look at these alphabet letters for more ideas!

Magnet Hunt and Sort

You’ll need a few items for this one but probably nothing you already don’t have at home – especially since you have a preschooler at home!

You’ll need a bigger magnet – hand-held magnet stick would be the best. You’ll also need some magnetic items and some sand. Put sand into a sensory bin – or any large bin. Hide various magnetic items into the sand and let your child find them! Paper clips and screws are great magnetic items and you can easily hide them in the sand. If you don’t have it you can use any other magnetic items you find in the house, like staples. The bigger the variety the better.

You can also put a sorting tray next to the sensory table. If you don’t have any, use ice-cube tray or muffin pan. Encourage your kids to find all magnetic items and sort them all out!

Time Puzzle

Learning to read the clock is always a challenging task. That is why you have to start slow and simple. Start with teaching your child reading what hour it is on the digital clock and analog clock.

One of the fun and easy way to teach is to make a “time puzzle”. Cut the paper into twelve longer rectangles. Write digital time on one side and draw a clock showing analog time on the other side. Do only whole hours – 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, etc. Cut the paper in the middle, scatter it around the table and have fun finding matches! If you prefer printing out already premade time puzzle, you can find the printable time puzzle for free here. 

Clock PrintableClock Printable


Number Chain

Save some toilet paper rolls. Save at least 10-20 rolls if you can. Paint each roll with different colour and write a number on it. You can also print the numbers, cut them out and glue them on the toilet paper rolls. Make holes in both sides of the rolls so that they are both against each other. Give your kids some string and make a number chain!


Bingo is a game you can adjust any way you chose. You could make number bingo, letter bingo or colour bingo. It’s a fun and easy game. Just grab some paper and draw it yourself!  

Number and Letter Scavenger Hunt

Does your child love games or a scavenger hunt?

Create a number and letter scavenger hunt! Write random numbers and letters on the piece of paper. Make it colourful, it’s more fun that way! You can include some other items as well. It’s up to you! Make a mix of letters, numbers and items that can be found around the house. This is a fun game that keeps your child occupied for a while!

Alphabet Sensory Art

Every child loves art and every child loves sensory play. Why not mix it all together, throw in some alphabet (or number) learning and have some fun along the way?

You’ll need glue, some sand, glitter or paper confetti and a paintbrush. If your child doesn’t know how to write letters by himself, write large letters on the colourful construction paper. Have your child trace the letters with a paintbrush dipped in glue and sprinkle some sand or glitter on top. You can make every letter different and display them in the room afterwards! This is a great learning activity to take outside if you don’t want the mess in the house.

Number towers

One of the most favourite activities in my classroom is the game we call “number towers”. You draw squares and write a number inside of each square. Kids will stack up cheerios or fruit snacks inside of each square! If the square says number 9, they will make a tower of 9 cheerios.
This activity is great not just for number recognition, but also for counting!

About the Author

Hey there! I’m Jana and I’m the mommy behind Mommy’s Little World. I’m a former preschool teacher who believes that teaching your children is the biggest gift you can give them. I create printables and lesson plans to help parents homeschool their preschoolers.

Happy learning!


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