What Do Teachers Do?

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What Do Teachers Do?

It is a good question. “What do teachers do?”

I once mentored an intern who told me that he honestly wanted to become a teacher because it would work best around before and after school surfing sessions.  He failed his internship.

The requirements for teaching are endless and the incredible aspect of the role is that the duties of a teacher really could be never-ending.  It isn’t just a job and it certainly isn’t just a 9 am to 3 pm job – it is a profession and often requires your heart, your soul, your blood, sweat and tears.

It isn’t about how much do teachers earn in a year – because honestly if we wanted to be rich we might have chosen something more lucrative – a lot more lucrative!

I am about to become a parent of a school student.  The other night I sat on the other side of the fence and listened at a Prep Parent Evening as the teachers discussed what would be happening for our little gems next year as they leave the nest and make the classroom part of their daily lives.

I looked at the teachers through parent eyes.  I listened to what they had to share through parent ears.  I asked myself many times if these were the people I wanted to educate my child.  I finally understood what it was like to be the parent and question – is this person good enough to teach my child?

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Why Do Teachers Teach?

The answer to this question is easy.  Teachers teach because they love it.  Yes, there may be the few minorities (like my surfing mate) who believe that it is an easy job to get the many weeks holidays a year – but trust me when I say, these teachers don’t last.  The teacher of your child loves what they do.  It is honestly such hard work that doing it otherwise would make no sense.

What Does a Teacher Do on a Daily Basis?

Teaching involves planning, preparing, working closely with teams, constant lifelong learning, curriculum insight, building resources, creatively facilitating and presenting on a daily basis.  It includes the joy of bus duties and walking around playgrounds with armfuls of Band-Aids when you would much rather be in the air-conditioning sipping a latte.

And these, my friends, are a mere smidge of what is completely involved.  When you receive that report card home at the end of the semester – the work, the writing, the assessment, the teaching, the late nights and the many mars bars eaten that have gone into the final production of that one report, is hard to fathom.

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All About Teachers

So I guess the point of all this is to encourage you to uplift your child’s teacher.

In most cases, they are doing a more than a fine job and need your support and encouragement.  There is nothing more rewarding as a teacher to know that the students you teach and the parents of these students recognise your dedication and hard work.  It doesn’t take much – an email, a thank you card, a hello or a good morning (and a smile) is often enough.

The best way to get to know them and be part of their role in educating your child is to partner with them.  Keep lines of communication open and ensure that you give them the professional understanding that they work hard to obtain and deserve.

I hope that my little words of advocacy here have given you some insight into what a teacher does every day and perhaps opens your eyes to see them in a different light.

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